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A subscription to "Coaching and Mentoring with Nic" provides you with access to the understanding, experience, and expertise of award-winning digital teaching and learning specialist Nic Finelli as your mentor and coach resource to guide you throughout the year.

So many times teachers ask me,

"Would you be able to just stay in my classroom all day?" or "I'm trying to [x] with my students, do you know a way I can do it? Would you walk me through it?"

My goal would be to meet you where you are with technology integration and help you grow as a learner and teacher with digital learning.

Tech Coaches
Much of my time is also training not just classroom teachers, but technology coaches in a train-the-trainer [T3] model. Having worked with 1000s of schools and being a former district technology coach, I am attuned to your needs and can share ideas.

Many of you don't have time to attend my presentations or training on-site, but are eagerly interested in knowing the best ways your faculty can integrate their specific technologies so you can foster better practices for yourself and model for your school. I would be able to assist you and your needs too!

If you are either a classroom teacher, technology coach, or an administrator I can be your GUIDE!

In order to build and grow as a community within your school, my mentoring program asks that schools choose and establish a cohort of 10 educators that will help excite, innovate, and elevate how teaching and learning happens at your school. (I can provide assistance on how to select the best candidates! :))

Those 10 educators (teachers and/or administrators) would have access to the mentoring and then be able to internally share their learning with the rest of the faculty.


Your 10 Educator Cohort receives:

  • 1 Dedicated email address to communicate directly with Nic
  • 2 VIP Blended Tech Learning Newsletters each quarter full of video tutorials and resources
  • 3 One-on-one/cohort (60 min.) video conference mentoring meetings each month scheduled at a mutual time.


The VIP Yearly Subscription gives you more personal attention with...

your 10 Educator Cohort receiving:

  • 1 Dedicated email address to communicate directly with Nic
  • 2 VIP Blended Tech Learning Newsletters each quarter full of video tutorials and resources
  • 3 One-on-one/cohort (60 min.) video conference mentoring meetings each month scheduled at a mutual time.
  • PLUS

    • 4 Custom videos or lesson templates for your audience (either students or teachers) per semester
    • 5 Blended Tech Learning ONE-HOUR Learnshop presentations in our library for the cohort throughout the year.
    • Subscription to my podcast, It's EdtechNICal!
    • Early access and discounts for new online Blended Tech Learning Courses and Learnshops

    Your Instructor

    Nic Finelli
    Nic Finelli

    Meet Nic Finelli, Founder and Chief Learning Engineer of Blended Tech Learning

    Nic is a digital learning and technology integration artist. Nic’s most exciting endeavor to date is Blended Tech Learning, founded in 2011 to empower others by providing them essential knowledge and skills.

    With more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience and years of service as a school-based technology integration specialist, Nic has an immense appreciation for the teaching and learning context and an extensive firsthand knowledge base unmatched among full-time providers in the edtech field today.

    Nic has served 20,000 educators in 1000+ schools in 45 states. He provides digital teaching and learning integration consulting and professional development in every region of the U.S. He is a Google for Education Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer, and has worked as an Apple Professional Learning provider and a SMART Certified Education Consultant.

    Additionally, Nic is a National Board Certified Teacher, a Google for Education Certified Innovator, an Apple Teacher, and a Minecraft Global Mentor and Certified Trainer. He’s worked for YouTube as a YouTubeEdu Teachers Curator, a Hapara Certified Champion Educator and Trainer, Sphero Senior Professional Learning Specialist, zSpace Trainer, and a Discovery Star Educator. He holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and has instructed graduate level courses in technology integration.

    As a full-time digital learning specialist, professional development trainer, and consultant, Nic and Blended Tech Learning serve education, business, and government organizations. He looks forward to serving you, too!

    To connect with Nic: [email protected]

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the mentoring start and finish?
    Depending on the subscription (monthly and yearly), I will work with the school to set up a mutual start and end date.
    How long do I have access to the mentoring?
    After enrolling, your cohort of 10 educators will have access across any and all devices you own for the specified amount of time of your subscription. Individuals in the cohort will be notified and given access once the school and Blended Tech Learning have agreed on dates.
    What if there is a questions not answered here?
    Please contact us at [email protected] with any other questions or if you need something clarified.

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